HELLO!  My name is Colin and I build things. I have always enjoyed building things. Whether it was a bridge in the creek behind our house, a Lego mansion for a pet turtle, or a coffee table with a hidden compartment to hide beer cans from campus watch. (My dad helped me construct that table, he had no idea.) Only now, I am taking that childlike enjoyment, and turning it into my dream job.

My previous occupation and time in college were wonderful in the fact that they allowed me to travel around the world and see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Having seen a multitude of earth’s wonders I felt I had a calling and a responsibility to do what I could in order to protect and preserve these places, in fact I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to help  preserve the beautiful planet we live on.  But how?

How is a great question, and certainly a difficult one to answer, but after years of pondering, I have found mine.  The re-purposing and re-using of earth’s resources into functional pieces of furniture for others, is something I have found great happiness in.  There are few things more enjoyable than walking into my shop and working on these pieces not only for my customers, but also for what I believe to be the betterment of myself and the world around me. 

So, please, take a gander at the products I’ve made previously and consider adding a little bit of nature to your home.  I look forward to building anything our minds can dream up together and am proud to say 1% of all of my revenues will be donated to Conservation Colorado. 

                                                                                            Photo credit- Ryan Dearth Photography